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The Homeowner's Guide to Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall in Massachusetts brings beautiful colors and crisp, bonfire weather as well as the smell of pumpkin spice and Thanksgiving dinner. However, it also brings high winds and leaves in the gutters of your home. Before enjoying seasonal activities, take an afternoon to perform some basic fall roof maintenance. Here are some steps to take during your fall roof maintenance.

Supplies You'll Need

Before you get started maintaining your roof, make sure you have these supplies:

  • Ladder

  • Gloves

  • Roofing cement

  • Putty knife

  • Roofing nails

  • Hammer

  • Lawn bags

  • Hedge clippers

  • Airless spray machine

  • Cool coat painting

  • Insulation

Safety First!

Before climbing onto your roof, you need to take the proper precautions. Check the weather, wear sturdy shoes, avoid hazardous clothing, know your physical limits, and save the beer for when you're finished.

6 Fall Roof Maintenance Steps

1. Inspect the Roof for Damage

First, look for any obvious damage to your roof. Start inside by visiting the attic where you will keep an eye out for any moisture or leaks. Next, get the ladder and climb on top of the roof from the exterior of your home. While on the roof, take note of damaged flashing, missing or damaged asphalt singles as well as the area around the chimney.

2. Repair/Replace Asphalt Shingles

During your inspection, you may have noticed damaged shingles. Luckily, asphalt shingles are relatively simple to repair.

To repair curled shingles, lift the curled area to expose underneath it. Next, apply some roofing cement with a putty knife then push the shingle back into place. Use two roofing nails to secure it in place with your hammer, and apply additional roofing cement over the nails to close up any potential holes.

If you need to replace complete shingles, the process is similar to the one above. Remove the damaged shingle and nails, place roofing cement where the new shingle will go, and secure the new shingle with new nails. Be sure to dispose of the old shingle properly as they can be recycled.

3. Clean the Gutters

Fall leaves look great, but they don't look so good when stuck in your gutters. While on the roof, pick the gunk out of the gutters and put it into a lawn bag. You will need to do this regularly throughout the fall season to keep up with the leaves. Possible hazards of not cleaning your gutters include:

  • Foundation damage

  • Rotted wood

  • Roof leaks

  • Pests

  • Yard damage

Pro Tip: Don't forget your gloves!

4. Trim Trees

The trees around your home can contribute to the buildup in your gutters as well as potentially damage your roof or create a safety hazard. This is the perfect time to clean up those trees with some hedge clippers. Eliminate precarious branches and trim everything up. Not only will you protect your roof, but you will make your home look better, too.

Not sure what to cut? Here are some simple tips to trim your trees:

  • Cut to see through branches - not over them

  • Cut dead branches

  • Cut branches that intersect

  • Cut branches that touch the tree trunk

5. Apply Cool Roof Coating

Protect your roof by applying a coat of cool roof coating. You can buy this from just about any hardware store in the paint department. The cool roof coating reflects the sun's rays, preventing them from damaging your roof. According to, the coating may also provide water protection and restore damage.

To apply the coating, first clean the roof thoroughly so that it is free from debris. Next, gear up your airless spray machine. This tool will make the process simple and fast. You simply spray one layer and you're done.

It's simple and inexpensive, so why not do it while you're up there?

6. Add Insulation in Attic

Fall means winter is coming. That means you need to prepare for the cold weather. Cold air gets in through the roof, so you want the attic to have sufficient insulation. Insulation is made out of fiberglass, cellulose, or rock wool. All insulation comes with an R-value that will tell you exactly how well it will help insulate your attic. For the attic, blanket insulation works well. However, you may want to use loose fill insulation in tight spaces. Apply the insulation in areas where you feel a draft as well as around lights, pipes, flues, and other areas with an opening.

H&R Roofing

If you notice some serious roofing issues during your fall roofing maintenance, it may be time to call the professionals. H&R Roofing has been servicing Massachusetts and Rhode Island for all roofing needs for over 20 years. All roofers are licensed and insured with the prestigious GAF certification. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and A rating with Angie's List. When you call H&R Roofing, you know the job will get done and get done correctly.

Fall marks a good time to show your roof some attention and ensure it will hold up when the cold weather comes. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your roof and keep you and your family more comfortable.

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